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Customer Comment
  • Bruce Dobie (USA)
    Bruce Dobie (USA)
    Thank you Cathy........I really appreciate how professional you are...........Bruce
  • Etienne Roos,RKT (South Africa)
    Etienne Roos,RKT (South Africa)
    Thank you for the mail and thank you for following up.
    The carpets are very good thank you.
    For future I will need slightly wider carpet.
  • Luc Anthony, La Sport(Canada)
    Luc Anthony, La Sport(Canada)
    Wow great service thank you very much, hope quality same like samples!
  • Drake Arnold (USA)
    Drake Arnold (USA)
     I just wanted to let you know the floor mats arrived today. they look wonderful, thank you for a good quality
    product and fast turn around time
    i look forward to work more with you in the future
  • Frode, Screen Graph AS.(Norway)
    Frode, Screen Graph AS.(Norway)
    Received today. Looks very good. Hope my customer is satisfied too.

    Thank you.
  • Kevin, Apex Die Corp.(USA)
    Kevin, Apex Die Corp.(USA)
    Hello Olivia,

    Yes the mat looks very nice. I have attached a picture with the bike on the mat as well.

    Thanks, Kevin
  • Leif Rasmussen, Imexpo Nordic ApS (Denmark)
    Leif Rasmussen, Imexpo Nordic ApS (Denmark)
    It was very nice meeting with you, and of course to discuss the different business opportunities with you. Thank you very much for your hospitality. It was a great lunch – I really like the Chinese food – and it was very convenient for me to be picked up in the airport. Looking forward to do some business with you soon.
  • Shawn Maynard, Utah Air Systems (USA)
    Shawn Maynard, Utah Air Systems (USA)
    We have received the mats & delivered to the customer... they look good- as expected.  We have kept several here at our office to use & see how they hold up... I will use them as sample for other orders... Thanks.
  • Fringo GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
    Fringo GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
    Many thanks for your good work and cooperation in the past. I hope that it will be going on in the new year!

    Steven Seemann, Fringo GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  • Daniel Kruit, EcoShine (Australia)
    Daniel Kruit, EcoShine (Australia)
      The mats look great and appear to be very good quality. I also received the 2 smaller samples and will be visiting clients over the next 4 weeks to show them the mats. Hopefully I will be able to sell some additional products for you.
  • Ray, Imagemats (Australia)
    Ray, Imagemats (Australia)
    Thank you for the email, I commend you for your professional method of doing business, these are the types of deals that will build a stronger relationships between people.
    I await eagerly for the sample so we can get the customer to sign off and we can all move onto the next sale.
  • Scott Diamond, Moto-D Racing Inc. (USA)
    Scott Diamond, Moto-D Racing Inc. (USA)
    Just want to thank you for doing such a nice job producing our carpets and what a great job of boxing them and carefully packing on pallets with corner guards and wrap to keep boxes clean. They look great.
    I am very trusting on your quality.
  • Terry Serpa, Monkeysports Inc. (USA)
    Terry Serpa, Monkeysports Inc. (USA)
     If we were to do another similar campaign in the future, I would not hesitate to use Dotcom. Everything from sampling, to ideation, to shipping was executed very well. We have not had any quality issues brought to our attention (I have used the product personally since our first sampling, and see no signs of wear)!
    Bottom line is, we had an excellent experience with you.
Bar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible MatsBar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible MatsBar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible MatsBar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible MatsBar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible MatsBar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible MatsBar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible Mats

Bar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible Mats

  • Item Name: Bar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible Mats
  • Material: 100% PVC
  • MOQ: 500pcs/design
  • Popular Size: 60x10cm, or customized
  • Popular Thickness: 10mm, or customized

Bar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible Mats is a heavy duty and flexible PVC bar mat made with high-quality PVC that is 1cm thick and have a good elasticity, good abrasion and water resistance. The material is unlikely to deform and even after several uses our bars mat stay new. If you have a spill on it, just rinse and air dry. The discrete color of counter mat and ideal dimensions make it perfect to fit within any setting. Bar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible Mats is made with thick elliptical. Bar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible Mats is made with thick elliptical prongs that stabilize the drinks, improves appearance and won't break. It reduces the chance of the spill due to unbalancing of your glass or cup as it holds them firmly with it's surface.

Item Name

Bar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible Mats


100% PVC



Popular Size

60x10cm, or customized

Popular Thickness

10mm, or customized



This is a dishwasher safe Bar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible Mats. Just lay flat on top rack. Also, easily rinses clean with soap and water. After cleaning it just simply let it dry and it is again ready to use. It does not absorbs the water because of it's water resistant qualities which increases it's life duration.

Guaranteed to have a strong impact on any occasion! Why use boring blank coasters when you can have a perfect conversation starter and a funny set instead, all-in-one! Bar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible Mats would be an attractive and fun bar accessory in your place.

Bar Spill Mat Nonslip Flexible Mats is for use in bars, restaurants, food service areas, cafe, hair salons and beauty parlours and anywhere drinks could spill, at these places it act as bar spill mat and prevents excess spillage and damage to glass. Moreover, it can also be used as kitchen mat, dish drying mat and fruit and vegetable cutting mat.

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