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  • Bruce Dobie (USA)
    Bruce Dobie (USA)
    Thank you Cathy........I really appreciate how professional you are...........Bruce
  • Etienne Roos,RKT (South Africa)
    Etienne Roos,RKT (South Africa)
    Thank you for the mail and thank you for following up.
    The carpets are very good thank you.
    For future I will need slightly wider carpet.
  • Luc Anthony, La Sport(Canada)
    Luc Anthony, La Sport(Canada)
    Wow great service thank you very much, hope quality same like samples!
  • Drake Arnold (USA)
    Drake Arnold (USA)
     I just wanted to let you know the floor mats arrived today. they look wonderful, thank you for a good quality
    product and fast turn around time
    i look forward to work more with you in the future
  • Frode, Screen Graph AS.(Norway)
    Frode, Screen Graph AS.(Norway)
    Received today. Looks very good. Hope my customer is satisfied too.

    Thank you.
  • Kevin, Apex Die Corp.(USA)
    Kevin, Apex Die Corp.(USA)
    Hello Olivia,

    Yes the mat looks very nice. I have attached a picture with the bike on the mat as well.

    Thanks, Kevin
  • Leif Rasmussen, Imexpo Nordic ApS (Denmark)
    Leif Rasmussen, Imexpo Nordic ApS (Denmark)
    It was very nice meeting with you, and of course to discuss the different business opportunities with you. Thank you very much for your hospitality. It was a great lunch – I really like the Chinese food – and it was very convenient for me to be picked up in the airport. Looking forward to do some business with you soon.
  • Shawn Maynard, Utah Air Systems (USA)
    Shawn Maynard, Utah Air Systems (USA)
    We have received the mats & delivered to the customer... they look good- as expected.  We have kept several here at our office to use & see how they hold up... I will use them as sample for other orders... Thanks.
  • Fringo GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
    Fringo GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
    Many thanks for your good work and cooperation in the past. I hope that it will be going on in the new year!

    Steven Seemann, Fringo GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  • Daniel Kruit, EcoShine (Australia)
    Daniel Kruit, EcoShine (Australia)
      The mats look great and appear to be very good quality. I also received the 2 smaller samples and will be visiting clients over the next 4 weeks to show them the mats. Hopefully I will be able to sell some additional products for you.
  • Ray, Imagemats (Australia)
    Ray, Imagemats (Australia)
    Thank you for the email, I commend you for your professional method of doing business, these are the types of deals that will build a stronger relationships between people.
    I await eagerly for the sample so we can get the customer to sign off and we can all move onto the next sale.
  • Scott Diamond, Moto-D Racing Inc. (USA)
    Scott Diamond, Moto-D Racing Inc. (USA)
    Just want to thank you for doing such a nice job producing our carpets and what a great job of boxing them and carefully packing on pallets with corner guards and wrap to keep boxes clean. They look great.
    I am very trusting on your quality.
  • Terry Serpa, Monkeysports Inc. (USA)
    Terry Serpa, Monkeysports Inc. (USA)
     If we were to do another similar campaign in the future, I would not hesitate to use Dotcom. Everything from sampling, to ideation, to shipping was executed very well. We have not had any quality issues brought to our attention (I have used the product personally since our first sampling, and see no signs of wear)!
    Bottom line is, we had an excellent experience with you.
Professional Home Pub Bar Darts MatProfessional Home Pub Bar Darts MatProfessional Home Pub Bar Darts MatProfessional Home Pub Bar Darts MatProfessional Home Pub Bar Darts MatProfessional Home Pub Bar Darts Mat

Professional Home Pub Bar Darts Mat

  • Item Name: Professional Home Pub Bar Darts Mat
  • Pile Material: 270g/m2 Polyester
  • Backing Material: 600g/m2 Latex
  • MOQ: 1pc
  • Production Time: 30-35days
  • Colors: Without color limitation
  • Technics: Loop pile, CMYK inkjet printing
  • Functions: Perfect for indoor dart throwing exercise

Professional Home Pub Bar Darts Mat are used to protect your floor and ensure that you are always at the right distance. Nevertheless, not every dart can pierce exactly where you want it. Especially at the beginning, the error rate is still relatively high, so you will definitely throw one or two arrows next to the board. In most cases, you can protect your wall with a catch ring, but your floor is not spared if the arrows bounce off the dart board.


Such rebounds happen not only to beginners but also to the pro players in the world. When an arrow hits another that is already on the board, it regularly happens that the arrow "bounced" from the target. It is always a problem when you with steel darts throw on a classic dartboard from sisal and the arrow bounced. The steel tip drills deep into the wooden floor or provides a chip on the stone tile. The problem can be avoided with a dart mat or carpet. For this reason, you will find the best dart mats in this article that will protect your floor and have other advantages. Below is all the information for choosing Professional Home Pub Bar Darts Mat.


Item Name

Professional Home Pub Bar Darts Mat

Pile Material

270g/m2 Polyester

Backing Material

600g/m2 Latex



Production Time



Without color limitation


Loop pile, CMYK inkjet printing


Perfect for indoor dart throwing exercise




Professional Home Pub Bar Darts Mat is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Which is very nice if you also want to play darts outside. Professional Home Pub Bar Darts Mat will also be preferred for cafes, tournaments and other events. The throw line is mounted so that you can easily stand against it. This way you are always perfectly at the right distance. There are also plenty of prints so you have enough choice for a nice and beautiful mat. We can also print your design on the mat for you.

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